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Queen's Quest 3: The End of Dawn (2017)
[Image: 6dadb758ad21bd962f4049a932c394ab.jpg]
Royal Quest 3: The End of the Dawn / Queen's Quest 3: The End of Dawn (2017) PC | 1.13 GB
Release date : April 27, 2017
Genre : Adventure , Logic (Puzzle, Hidden objects)
Developer : Brave Giant LTD
Publisher : Artifex Mundi
Version : 1.0
Publication Type : License
Language : English and other
Language : English
Tablet : Present (PROPHET )

Description :
Eliana has always been a mysterious child. The baby was found at the door of the prestigious Academy of Alchemy Zora, and after 16 years she turned into a talented alchemist. To complete the training, she is sent on a dangerous journey to find a powerful artifact. The girl will face many dangers, solve dozens of puzzles, explore the kingdom and learn the tragic story of her childhood. Follow Eliana to save her hometown and help people who are dear to her. Defeat the evil forces guilty of a terrible betrayal, and prove to everyone that you are a true alhmic.


Mount the image with Alcohol 120%.
Follow the instructions of the installation program, not paying attention to possible warnings of anti-virus protection.
Copy the contents of the folder (PROPHET) to the folder with the game, agree to replace the files.
Playing ...

System requirements :
Operating system : Windows 7 +
Processor : 2 GHz
RAM : 1 GB
Graphics : DiretX 9, 256 MB
Disk space : 3 GB

[Image: a9f863d710d090ea9feca5783dc28653.png]


[Image: b70cafb0555abb3d93a2dbfae395242c.jpg]
[Image: f8feecd1c2611bbffd3786c80b5a6bb9.jpg]

[Image: 8fe9b0881211a9f3f50a30b92c0e104b.png]

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